Dave East – Have You Ever (Paranoia Album)

[Verse 1] I never follow orders put that on my daughter (Kairi) Back and forth to Florida hide the coke in goya Pistol on my dresser bitch I’m from the border Reef Buck my brother, Big Bay my brother Really know I got ‘em, Druggy know I really love ’em All this forever love, mix […]

Steven Curtis Chapman – Now We Know (awakening) Lyrics

STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMANNow We Know (awakening) Lyrics Now we Know (Awakening) Choosing peace over war, I’ll ride a bike instead of killing more You tell us, war is what we need But now we know, we’re awakening Choosing not to believe, Wall Street is the real thief We are all in slavery But now we […]

Talib Kweli & Styles P – In The Field (The Seven Album)

[Intro: Malcolm X] There was two kind of slaves, there was the house negro and the field negro, the house negro they lived in the house, with master The house negro if master said we got a good house here the house negro said "yeah we got a good house here" whenever the master said […]

Nov 7, Alkaline Ricochet Lyrics

Intro 2016Wall StreetCommon… Hear me nuhHear me nuhIdecashDj FrassYo Rappa!Well, well, well ChorusBwoy step out inna di war and flop himselfA try shoot ’round corner and end up shot himselfRicochet off of the wall and knock him flat, him fellFu#king fool…Bwoy go run down the war and bait up him friendsBait up him family, bait […]