Stone Sour – Thank God It’s Over (Hydrograd Album)

[Verse 1] None of us are innocent We take what we can get It doesn’t matter if it hurts, I get back down Greedy little prodigies Disposable celebrities Another social disease, another pitiful now [Pre-Chorus 1] Don’t talk, he just won’t listen Don’t worry, oh you gotta wait and see [Chorus] I’ll get what’s coming […]

Westside Gunn – Eric B (Hitler On Steroids Album)

[Verse 1: Westside Gunn] Yo, turned Judas for the Yeezy 2’s Balmain biker suit with no bike The Royce got no roof Feel like I’ve been sellin’ dope my whole life Celine on my team, A.P.C Kanye saggin’ in my dreams Ran trains on Vera Wang, pray for Paris then you pray for me Madonnas […]