Robbie Williams – Heavy Entertainment Show

[Verse 1] Good evening, children of cultural abandon You searched for a saviour, well here I am And all the best ones are dying off so quickly While I’m still here, enjoy me while you can [Chorus] Welcome to the Heavy Entertainment Show The charisma’s non-negotiable Welcome to the Heavy Entertainment Show I’m about to […]

Uiie Popcorn – She Poppin (feat. Quavo)

[Intro] She know what she doing, she know what she doing Yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah [Hook: Quavo] Ay, she know what she’s doing Ay, she’s popping, she knows what she’s doing Ay, she’s popping, she knows what she’s doing Ay, she’s popping, she knows what she’s doing Woah, ay, woah, ay, woah Popping it, popping it, […]

Demrick & Dizzy Wright – Hundreds Of Thousands (Blaze With Us Mixtape)

[Hook x2: Dizzy Wright] Two step with a blunt in my mouth Legendary stoner, I am one of them now I’m on tour, I’ve been running around I need hundreds and hundreds of thousands [Verse 1: Demrick] I need a hundred thousand fans with their hands up I take a hundred thousand gram for the […]

Common – Rain lyrics

[Intro: John Legend] The wind against my face, tells me that I must go Can’t stay around too long before my tracks gonna catch me When they do, I’ve got to be somewhere in LA So I can look at the sun and get my thinking done And if it’s gonna rain tomorrow, let it […]

EMI – Science letras

[Verse 1] I keep making runs up in the North End She want my number, won’t let me sell to her boyfriend Met a couple strippers down in Portland These bitches all addicted to endorphins I stay round the club ’cause I know they all some sugar babies Daddy issues, they just hit me when […]

K Camp – LV (Rare Mixtape) letras

[Intro] They say they want Camp back Like I went somewhere or something [Verse 1] I’m the boy but you knew it Fuck what you thought Kick that game to you niggas I spit propane to you bitches I go insane for these riches Bought me a chain off these benjis Stay in your lane, […]

Meek Mill – On The Regular

[Hook] Sell a lot of dope Dodge a lot of cases Stickin’ to the basics Rock a lot of chains Do a lot of things Bottles by the cases Stickin’ to the basics Do it on the regular Fuckin’ on the regular Drippin’ on the regular Trippin’ on the regular Count it on the regular […]

JAHKOY – California Heaven

[Intro: Rico Love] Turn the lights on [Verse 1: JAHKOY] Seems like all these girls are perfect All these girls are perfect In LA, in LA They’ve got so much there to purchase All those labels on their purses In LA, in LA [Pre-Chorus: JAHKOY] You ain’t gotta die Just go buy you a plane […]

Far East Movement – Don’t Speak

[Verse 1: Tiffany] You’re playing shy Don’t think that I don’t wanna be Treading around you carefully I don’t play games I don’t play Don’t care to know your name I just want you for tonight I wanna dance All night in LA, I’ll make your advance We run like it’s payday There’s crazy tension […]