Lyrics to ‘OK’ by Smoke Purpp: –Intro– Lil Purpp , Lil Pump All these chains man Lil Purpp , Lil Pump Ronny J on the beat bitch OK, Eskeetit –Chrous– OK OK OK OK OK OK OK I fucked his bitch OK Nut on her lip OK I got a stick OK, I let it […]

Quentin Miller – Expression 5.5 (feat. Trae Tha Truth)

[Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah One three one seven man Man, man, yeah [Verse 1] Jump right back to the beats 20 somethin’ songs in a week Checks comin in from the clicks Mac, iPhone, PC Clocked in middle of the night 2am going on 3 You wouldn’t understand my life Wouldn’t understand, yeah ‘Bout to […]