Mobile Hotspots – End Of The World Update lyrics

Dumb people, smart phones Civil wars and no-fly zone Hidden spies, flying drones Experiments with mutant clones Additives that break hormones Two sit on the papal throne Next – What’s Next? What’s your – Best Bet? Health care, doctor’s office Super bugs like staphylococcus Legal thugs in congress caucus Arguments that somehow lost us Opposing […]

Horrible Histories – I’m A Greek (Parts I And II) lyrics

[Verse 1] You know the caveman gave us woad Roman soldiers built the road Egypt’s pyramids were buildings at their peak [Verse 2] But when we talk of great invention It’s important that we mention A special race who really were unique [Verse 3] Plato and Pythagoras Both of them did stagger us Socrates, he […]

Isa Muhammad – Chemtrails & Muslim Wars Remix (feat. Rick Ross & Talib Kweli) (Priorities 5 Album) letras

[Intro: Isa Muhammad] I come from a time where it is about like bars nigga, where it’s about like lyrics nigga, where it’s about like saying some shit nigga, some deep shit nigga, some shit about black people my nigga. You shit about, you know, some some some esoteric spiritual type shit, some shit that […]