“Putin’s allies” in the USA: American politicians crushed the behavior of the West in Ukraine

Even anti-Russian members of Congress do not agree with the actions of the White House Returning from the Middle East tour, US President Biden found himself under a new wave of criticism, not only because the country continues to rising inflation and gas station prices, but also in connection with flirting with the infamous Saudi […]

“No sex until we get our rights back!” Pro-Abortion in the US

On June 24, the US Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion. Now decisions about their legality must be made at the state level. In many of them, abortion will be prohibited. This decision provoked mass protests in the United States. It has gotten to the point where feminists are urging women to […]

Headhunters. How the CIA is after our military secrets

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 21. Got it from Azovstal 05/25/2022 Last week, the US Air Force reported on the testing of hypersonic weapons. Experts say that they are 10-15 years behind Russia in this area, and therefore their intelligence is hunting for our developments. «Dagger» don't catch up A B-52 bomber launched a hypersonic […]

Foresight hunters. Is the basis of predictions mysticism or experience and knowledge?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 17. The highlight of the program. How import substitution works and what Russia can do on its own 04/27/2022 =”640″ style=”display: block;” /> Many people are still under the impression of the accuracy with which the recently deceased Vladimir Zhirinovsky predicted the special operation in Ukraine. "At 4 4 am 22 February     — it will be a non-peaceful year, — […]

Lady Gaga Poses With All 5 Living Ex-Presidents at Hurricane Relief Concert

Foreshadowing? Lady Gaga gave a surprise appearance at the Deep From the Heart: The One America Appeal concert at Texas A&M University Saturday in front of all five living former U.S. presidents—Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The event was aimed at raising funds and awareness for those affected by the […]

Dreezy Feat. 6LACK & Kodak Black “Spar” Lyrics

Tweet Share (Intro: Kodak Black) Aye mayne, I like the depth of this song, ya know what I’m sayin’ Not the death of the song but the D-E-P-T-H of the song Ya feel me, the complexity and sh*t I like the topic Kodak Black man (Hook: 6LACK) Look my word is bond as f**k My […]

YG Angry Everyone Praising Eminem While Ignoring His Trump Diss Track

TweetShare YG is not amused that while everyone is praising Eminem take down of Donald Trump while pushing aside his own Trump diss track from a year ago. Eminem freestyle at last night’s BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher is the trending topic in hip hop today and while the Detroit legend is getting a lot […]

The Game – Heaven 4 A Gangster Lyrics

[Intro] Can’t forget about my OG Heron My nigga’ Montreal My nigga’ 2Pac Hussein Fatal And Kadafi [Verse 1] It’s like riding down Greenleaf Dre Day, smokin’ green leaf (uhh) Draco’ in the front seat And just to think, I made all this off one key Hurricane Two feet in Compton, one deep Can’t ride […]

Tu no metes cabra – Bad Bunny letra

Letra Bad Bunny – Tu no metes cabra Cuando ustedes me ven, yo sé que tiemblan Yo estoy ready 24 hours El Father, pídanme la bendición /Tú no metes cabra, saramambiche/(x7) Y si te me esbocas, nos vamos al switche.(tu no metes cabra) Yeh, estoy subiendo como espuma Prendiéndole en la cara al que no […]

Rick Ross – Apple Of My Eye (feat. Raphael Saadiq) (Rather You Than Me Album)

[Intro: Rick Ross] (Hahahah!) Just being somebody that the neighborhood respected And my mama could be proud of, was the apple of my eye That’s all I ever wanted, just being something, man So at that point what else can you ask for? (Maybach Music) [Verse 1: Rick Ross] Tears runnin’ down a nigga face […]

Freddie Gibbs – Crushed Glass (You Only Live 2Wice Album)

[Intro] Diego, roll me one up, my nigga [Verse 1] The future started yesterday, nigga Every minute feelin’ different, I am not the same nigga I admit that I was timid at a younger age, nigga Daddy asked me what I wanna be, I said "A paid nigga" With them extras out the pot, I […]

KENDRICK LAMAR – The Heart Part 4 lyrics

Don’t tell a lie on me I won’t tell the truth ’bout you Don’t tell a lie on me I won’t tell the truth ’bout you 30 millions later, my future favors The legendary status of a hip-hop rhyme savior Travel round the atlas in this spaceship candy-coated My day shift’s been devoted to fuckin’ […]

Arcangel – Me Acostumbre (feat. Bad Bunny)

[ARCÁNGEL] Hoy me levanté del lao’ izquierdo de la cama. (De la cama, de la cama) Que no quiero dramas y por eso rolo un finisito’e marihuana. Par de miles me busqué, joseando por la mañana, logré comprarme mi cubana. Me compré mi carro y mi mansión en la nación americana. Nací pa’ ser millo, […]

Mobile Hotspots – End Of The World Update lyrics

Dumb people, smart phones Civil wars and no-fly zone Hidden spies, flying drones Experiments with mutant clones Additives that break hormones Two sit on the papal throne Next – What’s Next? What’s your – Best Bet? Health care, doctor’s office Super bugs like staphylococcus Legal thugs in congress caucus Arguments that somehow lost us Opposing […]

Zach Farlow – Round Here (Over ’til It’s Over Album)

[Hook] Fuck what you sayin’ round here Boy, we ain’t playin’ round here Don’t fuck with no lame round here We takin’ names round here (what’s your name?) Spittin’ that flame round here We go insane round here I take your bitch [?] Imma quit it round here I fuck with the plug round here […]

Pink Guy – Gays 4 Donald (Pink Season Album)

[Intro] I hate blacks, I hate spics I hate Jews, I hate chinks I hate Arabs, I hate mongoloids I hate lesbians [Chorus 1] Donald Trump, Donald Trump Donald Trump, I’m voting for Donald Trump Donald Trump, Donald Trump Donald Trump, I’m voting for, voting for Donald Trump [Verse 1] You’re looking kinda sexy, Donnie […]

Ces Cru – Gridlock (The Storm Deluxe Edition Album)

[Intro: Ubiquitous] (x2) You heard about it but, couldn’t believe it That they would kill a man, just for breathin’ And you were thinking fat chance there’s a reason Until you hear the BLAT BLAT then you see it [Verse 1: Ubiquitous] Well okay now they thinking that the gunplay Was just an isolated thing […]

B.o.B – $tacks Of Dreams (Elements Album)

[Intro/Refrain] Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of Dreams, stacked on top of [Bridge] Bodies, on top of Bodies, on top of Bodies, copies Carbon copies Do […]

Gucci Mane & Future – Selling Heroin (Free Bricks 2 Zone 6 Edition Mixtape)

[Intro: Future] Guwop, Wizard 1017, yeah, yeah [Bridge: Future] My watch and my chains is litty My rings and ears sadity Yeah, my watch and bag on Nicki 20 chains on me now 90 bricks on me now We might pass you in a drought He ’bout to bring they ass out Yeah, yeah, yeah, […]