Ece Seçkin – Follow Me lyrics

Senin için yaptığım onca şeyden sonra Hiç mi görmedin beni hiç mi sormadın ona buna Umurunda mıyım bari bir haber yolla Ağırdan mı alalım istiyorsun bence okey uyar bana Al seninim al yanına sımsıcak kollarına Gitmeyeceksin gibi sanki dursun dünya Yakını görmedim açık hadi uzakta durma durma Geçen günlere yazık üzülürsün sonra Follow me follow […]

Dylan – Stab lyrics

There was a motive There was a motive behind I was the target But I won’t be victimised Even tough I wasn’t game, Shoulda told me anyway Even if I disagree Stabbing only makes us bleed CHORUS But you got caught, you got caught I won’t take any more, oh You wanna play like that […]

Crazy P – Heartbreaker lyrics

You’re no good, heartbreaker You’re no good (heartbreaker) I said if you leave me I’m a go crazy You got the power You’re no good, heartbreaker You’re no good, h-heart-heartbreaker I said if you leave me I’m a go crazy You got the power You’re no good, heartbreaker You’re no good, h-heart-heartbreaker I said if […]

Alquin – Love Is A Little Thing lyrics

Love is a little thing. A bird on silver wings. Tiny flower, early May, Growing stronger every day. So please, please, please don’t back away, When everything seems dark, hmmm. You. I’m a love divice. Girl, with smiling eyes. You were always on my Mind, a precious love, so hard to find. And you, you […]

Clooney – Wham Bam lyrics

Oh, oh oh oh, oh oh o-oh [x4] (open the door) Friday morning on the train I got my black suit on my office pumps again Work is such a bitch she wants it yesterday Nobody hears a word I say (say, say) Can’t wait for the time When I can shed my skin You […]

John Legend, Fink – Move lyrics

Shake, shake, quiver, quiver Been awaken By a cold shiver Winds blows and change, change Sweet rushing through my veins Good Lord, I just might die Overtaken by the high tide Feel the rain against my skin Drown my soul in the water again Move on me Move on me I think you outta make […]

Trasmundanos – Nacer lyrics

Raices de un mundo que sabe a placer Capitablismo infunde un destino de sed Somos enemigos no sabemos ni porque Hay muerte por controlar el objeto de poder Al nacer siento ser un extraño ser Alguien que no entiende Un latido causando miseria Al nacer tu imagen desnuda a cada ser Somos enemigos De un […]

Young Chinese Dogs – Walk Away lyrics

We tried to walk for endless miles, we stumbled and we fell, and then we Picked each other up We’re heading for the cliffs, together we can jump, at least you said so Fueled by hunger and by lust We would burn until we turn into dust, Forever and a day, forever and a day! […]

Pink Harvest – Born Again lyrics

One way to find out Run away and you’ll find out In my head Uphold, what I had I sold Only way for me to stop running is in one inside soul But hang on As they do in the divine Well hang on What was that? It was a, It was the feeling I […]

James Robb – Flamethrower lyrics

A heart of ice, a sacrifice you made I’m paralysed trying to escape Can’t find all the words I need to say ‘Cause you got in my way and now it’s too late You’ve broken me down I’ve been waiting alone in the pouring rain for ya Don’t you want me now? ‘Cause you’re burning […]

Janily – Rio lyrics

(Oye por fin se entendió! – One! One way! – Rio de Janeiro!) A Rio a Rio hoy juega Rio A Rio a Rio hoy gana Rio Los cinco continentes sienten el sol de Rio Bandera blanca ya sin desafió Siente el latido desde el nido de una quimera Su grito repite hoy nace una […]

Trading Alaska – Twenty Nine lyrics

I heard you cry out next to me “What are you talking about?” I feel that I can’t explain it And I’d only water it down. I feel that nobody gets me. It’s like I’m somebody else Who’s not even from this planet While you’re just stuck here in this house. They say ill find […]

El Silencio De IGOR – Cáscara De Hueso lyrics

¿Los temblores algún día se irán? Siento desmayarme y no siento nada más. Quedo suspendido en un vacío y miro Como un niño atrás de un vidrio en una tempestad. Cargo con la culpa de mis actos, siendo franco, Nunca son exactos para mí. Muerdo el vidrio y mil astillas, son pastillas Diazepam. Mi cabeza […]

Jasmeena – The Ride lyrics

[Verse 1:] Tell me what’s the deal Sh*t is getting real I know girls like you but real sh*t I like you for real I done seen too many n*ggas Walking through and passing by Something about you tells me You ain’t just another guy I heard about your past Man you cannot trust a […]

Billy Gilman – One Voice lyrics

Some kids have and some kids don’t And some of us are wondering why And Mom won’t watch the news at night There’s too much stuff that’s making her cry We need some help Down here on Earth A thousand prayers, a million words But one voice was heard A house, a yard, a neighborhood […]

Mahalia – Maisie lyrics

[VERSE 1] I ask you this, Now you’re grown, Do you really wanna walk out on your own? There’s hurting and bleeding out there, And a million other reasons to be sacred. I’m not tryin’a make you worried, No, But it can be unfair. [HOOK] Go home little girl, A lone little girl. [CHORUS] Oh, […]

Michael Crawford – Tonight lyrics

(Houdini) Don’t be sad for me Everything is how it had to be Don’t be angry Just be the way you were tonight Don’t ask why or how Don’t ask more of me than I am now Can’t we just be the way were always were tonight Don’t be afraid Don’t be surprised I know […]

Amber Run – Haze lyrics

I wanna be your lover, I wanna be your friend. I wish I could tell you I’d last till the end. I’m in a blue haze. A blue haze. I wanna be a preacher, I wanna be a king. And now I know why everything is in A blue haze. A blue haze. My friends […]

Sammy Johnson – Fall In Love lyrics

I can’t get you out my mind I try so hard to find A way to stop these thoughts from creepin in my mind (oooh) Spending time with friends Only seems pretend Cause while I’m laughing while I’m smiling I’m thinking of you What is it can I do To make myself stop thinking of […]