Jackpot – Fetty Wap feat. Red Cafe lyrics

Lyrics Fetty Wap – Jackpot

I be in them foreigns like I got the bonus
I just hit a lick, yeah, I got the bonus
Shawty f*ck with me, you just got the bonus
You just got the bonus, squad, ayy.(jackpot)

I just hit the jackpot. (x8)

Jackpot, jackpot, yeah
Rolls-Royce, that time, yeah
Blackjack, blackjack, woo
Money team, dope team, ooh
I been gettin’ paper all day
I ain’t seen a hater all day
I been goin’ hard, I don’t play
If you want the wave, you gon’ pay.

Hol’ up, f*ck how you feel, you can’t stay
Take your boujee back to LA
Rolled up, then she hit the J
Splash brother, had to hit your bae
Jackpot, jackpot, damn
Baby got back, goddamn
Mask on, f*ck it, mask off
Hard head but the a*s soft, woo, hol’ up.

I just hit the jackpot. (x4)

Ayy, she give extendos out the window, babe
Ayy, you see the wings wherever we go, babe
Ayy, they can’t control me, ain’t no remote, baby
They pop out and cut a hater, freethrow, baby
Ayy, it’s Zoovie, zoovin’ like what you mean?
Before he check me, let them bangers squeeze, babe
I hit the season like pound a week, baby
They keep it real, you gon’ have to leave
Before your dope b***h take two of these
I brush it off, it ain’t nothin’ to me, baby
These niggas hard to try and box with me
Baby, ain’t no dog fight, ain’t no referee (squad).

I just hit the jackpooot. (x4)

Oh, jackpooot, jackpooot
Lil’ baby feel the jewels
Dealer dealt me a good hand
Got me dancin’ like Uzi
Shawty think she a baddy
She be bangin’ to the Boosie
She be twerkin’ to the RiRi
See my lifestyle in 3D
Gon’ get it, gon’ get it
‘Bout to check, I’m all with it
Girl, you got a lil’ sauce with ya
I like that, I’m all with it (splash)
Hold up, shawty s*x so good that she don’t f*ck for free, baby
But she gon’ bust that thing for me, baby, oohhh.

I just hit the jackpottt. (x8)
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